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Welcome to PrincetonPsychiatry.com, the website of Dr. David Nathan and Dr. Sutton Hamilton. They practice general adult psychiatry in Princeton, New Jersey, and have created this site to assist their patients, the Princeton area community and others seeking psychiatric services.

Psychotherapist Helene D. Katz, LCSW practices at our location and provides individual and couples counseling. She can be contacted directly at (609) 921-2477.

Karen K. Nathan is affiliated with the office as a Certified Health Coach. She employs evidence based strategies to support and guide people to make healthy behavior changes, especially those related to weight loss. Karen offers individualized attention and tailored solutions aimed at helping people lose weight and enjoy healthier, happier lives. Karen can be contacted directly at (609) 577-7096.




David L. Nathan, MD S. Sutton Hamilton, MD